Because it would be rude not to…

Merde [merd] (interjection, nom féminin)
Souhait de bonne chance

Although its origin has not been confirmed, one explanation is that it stems from times when patrons of the ballet would arrive by horse drawn carriage. The larger the audience, the more horses outside the theatre, which meant more ‘merde’ on the streets. Hence a large pile of ‘merde’ outside the theatre would be synonymous for a successful performance.

Another explanation is based on superstition. As wishing ‘good luck’ is considered unlucky and could provoke failure or accidents, using an antonym is believed to prevent bad luck. Additionally, the recipient should not respond with ‘thank you’ as that is also considered unlucky.

The Ballet Mafia Merde Signature Collection has been developed with the only the best wishes in mind. We decided to make our signature design available on a range of high quality products. Currently, this includes T-shirts, muscle shirts, long sleeve tops, large tote bags, medium sized cross body bags and accessories bags.
Products can be purchased from our online shop.

Please note:

Products from our Merde Signature Collection will be custom made, as we will not hold any stock. We estimate that it will take ca. 3-4 weeks from placing the order before products will be ready to be shipped (compared to a 2-4 working day turnaround time for skirts).
So please allow for sufficient time when placing your order.

To help coordinate order requests and hopefully reduce waiting time, we will announce order dates on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. However, orders can be placed outside those dates as well.

If your order combines products from our Skirts Collection as well as the Merde Signature Collection, we will ship the combined order once all items are available. If you want to split your order to receive the skirts sooner, we will charge additional postage costs.